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So, I realize lately I’ve been listening to two songs with Superman in their names. I typed the word in my iTunes and these bunch came out…

01. The Big Pink - Hit The Ground (Superman) [2012]

02. The BPA - Superman (ft. Simon Thornton) [2009]

03. Eminem - Superman [2002]

04. Kashmir - Bring Back Superman [1997]

05. Santigold - My Superman [2008]

06. Holy Ghost! - Superman [2007]

07. Moullinex - Superman [2010] (on an earlier post)

How many songs does this guy inspired? What about the other ones?

    1. Timestamp: Miércoles 2012/04/25 22:22:17SupermanThe Big PinkThe BPAEminemKashmirSantigoldHoly Ghost!video